Chaos Proxy Traffic

Traffic From Random Referrers, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others…

Chaos Proxy Traffic – Video & Features

Full details of features included in this bot of traffic

Chaos Proxy Traffic

Chaos Proxy Traffic, is a bot (a web automation). This bot can generate traffic for your website. This greatly helps your website position in the search engines. You need to know google and other search engines are influenced by the type and volume of traffic received on your site. The traffic is comes from the most important social sites.

This bot uses free proxies. These are automatically extracted and then tested. The Api includes more than 20 countries from which these proxes come (there is no way to set a country of choice, traffic is random.)


Screenshots of the Chaos Proxy Traffic


License types and price list for Chaos Proxy Traffic

Personal, 1 computer

$ 200 /lifetime

* License for 1 computer
* Free upgrades in the future

Enterprise, 3 computers

$ 350 /lifetime

* License for 3 computers
* Free upgrades in the future

Premium, 10 computers

$ 1000 /lifetime

* License for 10 computers
* Free upgrades in the future

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