Traffic Tool Generator

With Traffic Tool Generator application, you can set the percentage of organic traffic in each domain: google, yahoo, bind, also you can set the random waiting time, random time between searches, you can use HMA VPN and private proxy.
Simulate different browsers (Mozilla, Opera, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc.)
Simulate different operating systems (Android, Windows, Linux, iOS)
Also, after each page navigation and interpretation of a human operator (random signs, scroll, movements, waiting time), this bot automatically detects an internal page and browsing on it (this makes it seem more human.)

Here are the steps work:
1. Automatically delete browsing tracks from previous session.
2. Set a random browser (user agent), (example: Firefox, Chrome, IE, etc), has included more than 1,000 browsers.
3. Set a different operating system, (example: Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux, Mac, Android, etc), has included more than 30 operating system.
4. Set a random screen resolution.
5. Change a new Ip, depending on country, region, city targeted by you.
6. Browse on the google set you, (example:
7. Find your webpage in google (search page by page).
8. Click on your result on google.
9. Wait a random time on your website.
10. Detects all internal pages of your website.
11. Browse on the random url.
12. Wait a random time on this page.
13. Close Session and repeat again this function.

This product is expensive compared with the product “Human Or Bot“, because it is an application PRO, lifetime benefit from any improvements.
The product offers advanced settings and traffic in three search engines, yahoo, bing, google.
Besides, you can add different campaigns with thousands of sites and different keywords, so you can set the program to run a long time, without you doing anything.

Types of licenses:

One personal license – $250.00

– License for own use, for one computer.
But if you want, anytime you can move the license to a new computer, the previous license will be deactivated.
– Lifetime License.
– Future improvements.
– Free support.

Unlimited personal licences - $650.00

– License for own use, for an unlimited number of computers.
– Lifetime License.
– Future improvements.
– Free support.

Source code + customizations new brand - $1200.00

– The source code.
– Modify the bot interface depending on your preferences, color, image, brand, etc.
– The right to resell on your website.
– Future improvements.
– Assistance via remote desktop.
– License system.

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