Is your bounce rate too high?

Find why your bounce rate is too high and how you can solve this problem.

If the success of your site depends on users viewing more than one page, then, yes, a high bounce rate is bad. For example, if your home page is the gateway to the rest of your site (e.g., news articles, product pages, your checkout process) and a high percentage of users are viewing only your home page, then you don’t want a high bounce rate.
On the other hand, if you have a single-page site like a blog, or offer other types of content for which single-page sessions are expected, then a high bounce rate is perfectly normal.
Bounce rate in google analytics
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How do you get a small bounce rate rate using our bots of traffic

Set a long wait time on each page

Yes, this is one of the most important functions to get a small bounce rate. All our bots of traffic offer an option that allows you to set the expected time on each page.
Is recommend to set a random waiting time per page, between 2 options, minim and maximum time.
Below is an example where we highlight this option.

Option for internal links (subpages)

A small bounce rate is due to the way in which your pages are browsed. If your traffic is only on the homepage, then it’s not okay, it’s best to use an option to automatically detect internal pages, and then randomly navigate through these internal pages. This way you will get a good bounce rate.

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