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Adsense Bot Pro – Video & Features

Full details of features included in this bot

Do you have one or more websites? Do you make money with adsense or do you want to try this?
Adsense Bot Pro can generate safe organic traffic for your website, and can generate smart clicks on page.

As you know, free proxies are not good for Google, but this software bot offers private proxies, hma vpn and other advanced features.

There is also a string of algorithms that are used in this bot. For example, an algorithm for interpreting the movements of human operators such as page scrolling, mouse movements, random page waiting times, and other elements.

You can set up 3 types of traffic, tablet traffic, mobile traffic and desktop traffic, but you can set random from all of these 3 types.
At the bottom you can see some pictures and videos with this software.


Screenshots of the Adsense Bot Pro, 2019 version


License types and price list for Adsense Bot Pro

Personal, 1 computer

$ 1500 /lifetime

* Campaigns limit: 1 site campaigns
* License for 1 computer
* Free upgrades in the future

Enterprise, 3 computers

$ 4000 /lifetime

* Campaigns limit: 3 site campaigns
* License for 3 computers
* Free upgrades in the future

Premium, 10 computers

$ 12000 /lifetime

* Campaigns limit: 10 site campaigns
* License for 10 computers
* Free upgrades in the future

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