Adfly Bot

Adfly Bot 2019 Update, Make passive money.

Adfly Bot – Video & Features

Full details of features included in this bot

This bot is dedicated to
If you already know how it works or want to try, I assure you that the results are good if you consider certain conditions.

This bot has some features that mimic human behavior, such as page scrolling, mouse movements, and more. These features provide full confidence.

To be 100% safe, we recommend that you do not exceed 20,000 clicks per month.
Also, this software requires a computer or vps with a minimum of 8 Gb ram and a minimal I5 processor.


Screenshots of the Adfly Bot 2019


License types and price list for Pro Advanced Bot Traffic

Personal, 1 computer

$ 500 /lifetime

* License for 1 computer
* Free upgrades in the future

Enterprise, 3 computers

$ 1200 /lifetime

* License for 3 computers
* Free upgrades in the future

Premium, 10 computers

$ 3000 /lifetime

* License for 10 computers
* Free upgrades in the future

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