scraping bot

The concept of scraping

This concept was initiated with the great need for data processed in a very short time. For example, a company such as ebay or amazon, if they want to process a category of ads and post it on a forum or blog, how would that do? It would take dozens of people to fix this thing. Dozens of people who would only extract the content of the pages and post them on the blog, forum or other news sites.

Then the big companies launched this scraping concept. They use automatic bots to do all sorts of automated things like scraping.

1. Where are these scraping bits used and why are they used instead of real operators?

There are plenty of benefits when using such software.
– First of all, software of this type is very effective in the long run, a human operator may mistake but a software no.
– Secondly, the speed of processing information is clearly superior to a human operator.

The concept of scraping

2. Scraping bot for social neyworks

A scraping bot can extract even millions of information within a few minutes depending on the power of the computer, the system on which it is used. Some of the most frequently scraped data types of such software: (phone numbers, email addresses, ads, images, and other information).

The concept of scraping