We can create bots (web automations) for you. These bots can interpret the movements of human operators. These bots can post ads, generate traffic,
can respond automatically, send emails and other things.

Why work when you can let the bots to do the job for you?
You can order customized bot applications, such as extracting data from various websites and saving them in .xls files, automatically posting on different sites, different types of traffic, data analysis etc.

If you need a customized application for your own use or to sell it on your website, you can send us a request HERE

How can you generate organic traffic for your website?

Recommended products

Some of the most important functions implemented in these bots

Remove traces of bots navigation

This is the first important option!
Before each “hit of traffic”, the bot will remove all traces of previous navigation (cookies and cache), so each navigation will be safe and clean.
The bots have included an automatic function that does this, no need to install other software to erase traces of navigation.

Different operating systems

The bots have included internal emulators, that containing hundreds of different operating systems (Windows, Linux, ios, Android, Mobile phone, etc)
Every “hit traffic”, used an operating system random from this list.
This option is very important when the bots generates the organic traffic.

User agents

The contents of the user agent field vary from browser to browser.
Some bots have options that allow the addition of hundreds or thousands of user agents, so the traffic will be random from a different browser.
Usually these user agents are in a text file, each one per line.
This file you can receive when you downloading one of these bots.

Generate organic traffic

Some bots of traffic, generates organic traffic! Because this traffic to be real, it requires many operations automatically, so the behavior to be 100% real! Each navigation will be unique in its own way!
The search engines have an advanced system that detects most sample bots, but these applications are guaranteed 100% because we make permanent improvements and our team is searching for permanent modifications about the search engines.

Traffic Bot Multithreading

Multithreading is a widespread programming and execution model that allows multiple threads to exist within the context of a single process. These threads share the process’s resources, but are able to execute independently. The threaded programming model provides developers with a useful abstraction of concurrent execution.

Unique ip at every navigation

In some cases you need to use an application that generates traffic from different IPs. Some bots have included a VPN option that enables add a type of VPN to change your computer’s IP automatically at every navigation.
Free proxies are not good because the search engines, have in database these proxies left free on the Internet.

Interpret the movements of human

This element is very complicated. Our programmers constantly trying to find improved solutions for automatic Internet browsing seem more real.
These are some examples of automation: automatically functions of scroll in the page, mouse movements, find internal links automatically and click on one of them, random waiting time on page and other options of this type!

Bot click on the ads banner

Some bots like “AdFly Bot” have implemented this algorithm.
It is a complex function that requires attention.
Also to use this bot traffic, it is recommended a computer with good processing power.
These bots have included functions of changing the IP, such as Hma VPN and proxies private.

Referrers set in traffic

Referrers are the sources of origin of trafficking.
Here you have 3 exemples of referrers: facebook.com, twitter.com, yahoo.com
If you have installed Google Analytics on your website, you probablil know what it is. In google analitycs you can see all the traffic.
We have this kind of bots, that generate fake traffic with different referrers.